Introduction to Backpack and Map

发布日期:2020-11-28 10:06:06 作者:Rabbit Wizard

Introduction of Game of Magic Function (I)


Today Rabbit Wizard briefly introduces the backpack and map functions.


I. Backpack 

The backpack can store items and equipment, which has a storage limit. There are two ways to increase the capacity of the backpack.

1) Backpack will automatically expand as your online time increases

2) Backpack storage capacity can be expanded by consuming diamonds.

In addition to storing, you can also wear equipment, break down, and sell items there. 


2. Map 

Access the map interface by clicking the map information box in the upper right corner of the main game interface.


The regional map interface allows you to view information about the current map, including the map name, monster information (level, name, and location), portals, NPC locations, and more.



1.Click the line button in the lower-left corner to switch lines. Players on the same line can see each other and interact with each other, including PK.

2.Select the monster entry on the right and click the Go button to seek the monster's location automatically.

View your character's current location in the world map and send yourself to other maps by clicking the location that you want to go.