The Social System of Game of Magic

发布日期:2020-11-20 14:47:01 作者:Rabbit Wizard

Introduction to the Social System of Game of Magic


The basic of social system is chat system obviously. So how do I speak within Game of Magic? Click on the bottom middle of the main interface and click to open the chat interface.


There are five parts of chat system. Namely General Channel, World Channel, Guild Channel, Team Channel and Nearby Channel.

1. General channel: Only allowed to showsystem notices.

2. World Channel: All players can speak and their conversation is visible to all players in this server.There is an interval requiredbetween each speech which is 10 seconds.

3. Guild Channel: Players who have joined a guild can speak, and only players from the sameguild can see the chat content.

4. Team Channel: A chat area for team players, where only players in the team can see the chat. There is an interval requiredbetween each speech which is 5 seconds.

5. Nearby Channel: All players can speak, only players around you can see the chat.There is an interval requiredbetween each talk which is CD 5 seconds.



1. In order to maintain a good game environment, dont insult others or use some offensive language, which behavior will be punished.

2. There is a limit of text, Maximum 100 letters at a time.


The social portal is located at the bottom of the main interface, which includes five sections: Private Chat, Friends,Foe, Blacklist, and Mail.



Currently, the private chat only supports players to chat with online friends. You can add friends through search or other methods. After adding friends successfully, you can delete them or add them to the blacklist.

Foe can't be added voluntarily, but will automatically become foeafter being killed in the field. Besides, you can remove him from foe list manually.

Blacklist is useful. Players can manually add some specific players to the blacklist, thuswill no longer see the messages sent by the blacklisted players. Players can manually remove the players from the blacklist.

Mail is time-limited. So it is recommended that warriors claim rewards in time.


Hope every warriors enjoy the game and have fun with your friends.