Reward of the new server

发布日期:2021-01-29 17:29:06 作者:Rabbit Wizard

1.  The reward for login 15 days for new players

Description: Login every day to obtain the following gift:

1stday:Mount Advance Stone*10

2nd day:SS Fellord - [Seraph] *1

3rdday:Wing Advance Stone*10

4th day:LV.4 ATK Stone *1、LV.4 DEF Stone *1、LV.4 HP Stone *1

5th day:Weapon Advance Stone *10

6th day:Ancient Wrym Voucher *10

7th day:Enrage Shard *50

8th day:Wing Skin: Heart of Ocean *1

9th day:Divine Gear- Iron Amulet *1

10th day:Gear Star-up Stone*10

11th day:A Fellord Star-up Stone*10、S fellord Star-up stone*10、SS fellord Star-up stone*10

12th day:Divine Gear- Iron Pauldrons *1

13th day:Treasure-Dragon Roar *1

14th day:Weapon Fusion Stone *1、Armor fusion stone*1、Accessory Fusion Stone *1

15th day:Pet-Fairy Dragon *1

2.       First recharge reward

Description:Recharge diamond with any amount first time you can get the extra-value reward for three days

1st day :Costume for knight *1, Meteor weapon*1,Diamond VIP*1, Gear Boss Voucher *3,assist chest *1

2nd day:Pet--Moonlight fox *1, LV.4 ATK stone*1, Star-up stone*10, Precious Pet Essence *10, Pet EXP Pill II *10

3rd day:Wing Skin- Elven Wings *1,Magic Crystal Pack *2, Wing Advance Stone *10, Wing Skill Pack *1,Legendary Gear Boss Voucher *1